Best of #BSW12 Poll: TechStars team to watch

TechStars Boulder Managing Director Nicole Glaros announced the vaunted Class of 2012 that won a coveted spot from over 1,200 applications to the mentorship-driven seed stage investment program.

[note color="#C3DAE3"]StealthCo #1 – A company in the media management space
Closet Groupie – eBay meets Etsy for fashion, with a twist. Follow your favorite fashionista’s ‘closet’
Deal Angel – Find best deals in hotels based on pricing analytics
Digital Ocean – We make cloud hosting simple and easy so you can manage your site, not your infrastructure
StealthCo #2 – A company in the mobile and cloud space
StealthCo #3 – A company doing cool stuff with email
PalmLing – Provides instant phone-based access to a crowdsourced network of live human translators
StealthCo #4 – A company doing fun things with real estate
Roll Sale – LendingTree for your used car. A simple app that gives you multiple offers on your used car
Roximity – Location-based offers and alerts to your mobile phone or car infotainment system
SalesLoft – Speed up sales cycles and close more deals by delivering relevant intelligence about the companies and people in your CRM
Ubooly – Smart Toys – mobile app that delivers educational and gaming content inside of a stuffed toy.[/note]

So who are you keeping an eye on? Refresh the page after you vote to see if you’re a trendsetter or staying with the pack?