Boulder math : Collaboration + New Contacts + Smiling Faces = Success

Boulder Startup Week 2010

curtm95 | Flickr via Creative Commons

My definition of success for this first day of Boulder Startup Week is the simple equation above. As a new member of the Boulder tech community, fresh from the Midwest, I’ve been overwhelmingly impressed by the level of genuine here-to-help-you-idness of everyone in the city. It’s true, people really do care about your individual and group success in Boulder.

From the moment I launched my new business in Boulder, I’ve been welcomed with open arms, even by potential “competitors” to my business. It may be naive to say it, but I’m beginning to believe that Boulderites have a special word for success and competition, it’s called collaboration.

Where else do you find developers working with developers, marketers with marketers, digital media specialists with, well, never mind they are a bit of a different breed; but I think you understand what I’m saying. At my first event held at the co-working space Scrib—which rocks by the way and where I ran across Wendy Norris of Tekhne—I met fellow developer and digital media specialist Perry Towle of Trufuel.

There in our first informal meeting Perry went out of his way to share with me his vision and experience and offered to connect me with a number of the people he works with. This from a so-called competitor. Who does this in the “real” world? Aren’t we supposed to be sharks out to take everyone elses contacts and work? Not in Boulder. Collaborator is much better don’t you think? This is just one of a dozen examples I’ve experienced of smiling faces and Boulder tech love.

My hat’s off to Ef, Ryan, Elaine and Sarah for not only a truly special creation called BSW, but to the entire Boulder tech community for transforming competition into true collaboration. I’ll be looking for you and the rest of the Boulder tech community the rest of the week.

Who am I?

I’ll be the one with the big smile, taking pictures, notes and sharing the mutual message of collaboration. Come to think of it, I’ll be just one of a 1,000 with the same goals at Boulder Startup Week 2012. Not necessarily unique individually, but truly special nonetheless.